matterofawesome asked:

Hello, congrats for the excellent job on NMTD! Tackling a character as tricky as Pedro must be challenging. I have two questions: 1) Without taking into account what we all know (or imagine, based on Muchado's plot) will happen in the future, and from an outsider's pov, what advice would you give Pedro right now, if he well real? 2) As an actor, is it difficult when you have to play a character that makes questionable decisions and people react very effusively (and obviously negatively) to it?

letslipthedogsofwar answered:

1. Be brave.

2. I guess I try to never, ever, ever question other people’s decisions. They have their own story, what they are doing may shock, annoy, disgust, or appal me, but at the end of the day that’s their choice to take.

By the same token, other people’s reactions don’t tend to affect me unless their reaction is based off incorrect information, in which case I will try my best to correct. for everybody’s sake.